Days go by 


    Another day goes by in Amsterdam another weekend is at the door weather is nice what to do?

    Humans are happy the sun is warm and fears of crisis is low.

    On the Animal world Birds are in love nests are being build males are fighting for territory .

    Plants are happy they dance in the sunlight and at night they sleep and absorb the oxygen .

    The Water is calm and content with all the activity around.

    Fire ball colored Fleurs are to be found all over the city.

    Machines made of Metal from all over Europe are parked in front of my Stone house.

    Tolar's World will be active again a lot of MMaxi Days go by.

    Not much on MMaxi Human Competition I will be away for the World Snooker Championship.



    " Perdido na tradução "

    Fado Barco Negro

    "De manhã, temendo, que me achasses feia!     

    Acordei, tremendo, deitada n'areia   

    Mas logo os teus olhos disseram que não,    

    E o sol penetrou no meu coração".



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    Here I am at the Other Side smoking my usual.
    It's sunny out there, it is starting to feel like spring I could hear some song birds on my way here.
    The trees are also starting to wake up, the way they do around this time of year.
    Love is in amsterdam that makes me happy. Time is best spent when I'm not lonely.
    I like the plan of going to France at the end of april, a week with good friends is exactly what I need.
    And gives me the opportunity to visit the lovely Loire region.
    The tourists are back in town! Like the birds humans feel the need to travel north, specially when the north as so much freedom to offer.
    The smoke is starting to work it's time to move on I have a dinner date with Love, Nice!

    Lost in translation

    Me voici sur l'autre côté fumant mon habituel.
    Cela est ensoleillé dehors là, il commence à ressembler à du ressort où je pourrais entendre quelques oiseaux de chanson sur mon chemin ici.
    Les arbres commencent également à se réveiller, la manière qu'ils font autour de cette période d'année.
    L'amour est à Amsterdam qui me rend heureux. Temps mieux est passé quand je ne suis pas seul.
    Est exactement j'aime le plan d'aller en France à fin avril, une semaine avec de bons amis de ce que j'ai besoin.
    Et me donne l'occasion de visiter la belle région de Loire.
    Les touristes sont de retour en ville ! Comme les oiseaux les humains sentent la nécessité de voyager au nord, particulièrement quand le nord en tant que tellement liberté à offrir.
    La fumée commence à le fonctionner est l'heure de me passer ont une date de dîner avec amour, Nice !


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     Sail Away-Original London Cast Recording



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